Catering Breakfast Menu

Catering Breakfast Menu

[Prices Are Per Person]

[Min 10 Person Orders ]

[Prices are Subject to Change]

The Continental w/ Fruit Salad

Assorted Croissants | Bagels | Muffins | Danish Pastries | Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad | Butter. Jelly. Cream Cheese



Hot Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs l Grits l Applewood Bacon l Choice of Biscuits or Croissants l Served with Butter, Jelly & Cream Cheese [Served in chafers]



Hot Deluxe Breakfast 

Choice of Scrambled Eggs, Frittata or Boiled Eggs l Choice of Grits or Homemade Potatoes l Applewood Bacon l Choice of Sausage (Turkey, Chicken or Pork) l Biscuits l Croissants l Fruit Salad l Served with Butter, Jelly & Cream Cheese [Served in chafers]




Hot Breakfast Roll-Ups 

Choice of Scrambled Eggs, Eggs & Bacon, Eggs & Turkey l Fruit Salad [Served in chafers]


Belgian Waffles

Fresh Pressed Belgian Waffles l Served with Fresh Berries, Butter, Syrup & Fruit Jelly [Served in chafers]



Yogurt Parfait

Smooth Vanilla Yogurt Layered with Fresh Berries & Granola

[Served in cups]



Yogurt Bar (BYO) 

Smooth Vanilla Yogurt Served in a Bowl l Side Fresh Berries, Syrups & Granola

Ready to build your own parfait? [Small bowls to create your own]



Custom Made Breakfast Menu 

Talk to us and let us know what you need. We can create a menu just for your company. No extra fees.